AIPerception not finding actors at really low heights

Edit: ProceduralFoliageVolume, while experimental still, by default was blocking sight. Was not because of height. Only happened to be low enough to be in the volume.

Have been building my AI controller in blueprints and behavior trees, etc. And while the results are great so far in my blank test level, testing the AI in my world composition level does not work at ground level. Ground level though inside my valley is about -100000. I’ve noticed with the AI debug view, that nothing is being seen by the pawn/AI controller.
If I move the pawn up towards 0 height, it can see again.
Is this an intended limitation to the default AIPerception system?

Might not be an issue with heights in general. But only seems to be an issue with height in a world composition maybe.

Is this reproduceable if your test map is moves to such low Z-values? Is using world composition relevant to the repro? In general this doesn’t happen so we need more data.

There is clearly something wrong with my real level since I’ve tried reproducing it by importing my heightmaps into a new composition. And still works fine with just an empty landscape at about the same location as the real one.

I’m certain I’ve covered all the basics and am not missing something. But I will continue to go over my level and see if I set something that might be interfering with the perception.

Basically my AI is what was covered when you sat in for the stream here
But with a few more features added to suit my game project. I’ll continue trying to narrow down why nobody is being seen.

ProceduralFoliageVolume by its default collision setting, blocks sight. I figured out that was the issue. I just had to set it to no collision and now everything is fine.