AIPerception error

When I try to create an AIPerceptionComponent [aiPerception = CreateDefaultSubobject (TEXT (“AiPerception”));] I receive the error [enemy.cpp.obj: error LNK2019: unresolved external symbol "__declspec (dllimport) private: staticclass UCl classc UAIPerceptionComponent :: GetPrivateStaticClass (void) “(_imp? GetPrivateStaticClass @ UAIPerceptionComponent @@ CAPEAVUClass @@ XZ) referenced in function” public: __cdecl Aenemy :: Aenemy (void) "(?? 0Aenemy @@ QEAA @ XZ).]
If I just try to enter it in .h I don’t get an error [class UAIPerceptionComponent * aiPerception;]. I hope you can help me.

missing AIModule from your

Add it the PublicDependencyModules.

Hope tis helps

Tnx for answer, but I don’t know where to include and how. I recently switched from blueprints to c++ (I know unity c # better)și încerc să învăț asta. Maybe you can explain it to me in more detail.

You right, thank you for help.