AIMoveTo and other related functions fails and aborts

I’ve been able to get the AI to move at all using any of the AI move functions. I’m using NavigationInvoker due to the size of my level. The navmesh completely builds correctly. Here is a webm of the issue, it seems to say success and then aborts right away.

Here is the navmesh generated correctly.

I’ve set it up with a simple Character like such with default settings in the CharacterMovement.

My AIController is pretty much empty, no real settings changed.

Here is my Nav Mesh and System settings in my project settings.

Despite all of it seemingly correct by all the videos I’ve looked into, it just won’t work. Moving the AI Move into the AIController doesn’t seem to work either. I’ve tried deleting all related config areas in the defaultengine and others relating to navmesh or navigation in general and it simply refuses to work.