AimOffset to Character input

I’ve got a 1D Aim Offset defining the aim up and aim down movement of a weapon. I am using the platformer tutorial as a start. Right now, I get the rotation from the Aim Offset, I think, because the min and max match what I have setup. The problem is that the entire player rotates and the aim pose never changes. I followed the Aim offset tutorial for the nodes. Here are some screens- I hope this is enough info to get an answer. I’ve got this functionality going in Unity, but I’m messing around with porting. So, if someone could point me in the right direction that would be great!





Bumped. Can someone help me out please?

You need a duplicated playerAimpitch in mycharacter and set the input values. In Ksanimblueprint you need get the value using cast to character and set playerAimpitch.

erWilly, Thanks for the response!
So, I got the animation blueprint to work. If I change the aimPitch value I get the aim animations I want. Which is super awesome! I’m not sure how to reference aimPitch for the Input Axist event though. Before, I had defined a variable with the same name in MyCharacter. but that doesn’t work out for obvious reasons. I know I need to connect the input axis value to a reference of aimPitch, I’m just not sure how to go about it.

I use the standar way. If you need some more special can create you own add controller Picht Input.