AimOffset + Rotation Problem

Hello Everyone, I’m having this problem following this guide

The AimOffset + Rotation works but only thing is that its only when i’m moving my character rotates, when i’m in idle I can look up and down but side to side doesn’t work

What do you mean with “side to side doen’t work”? Is your character not rotating at all? Or does he rotates like standing on a turntable?

my camera when I’m idle my camera rotates but not the character, but when i’m walking or running it works my character rotates.

  • Do you have a first or third person character?
  • Does your character have a CharacterMovement component?

Yes my game has Character Movement obviously. It is a third person character game

There are several settings here that changes how your actor reacts to camera movement:
CharacterMovement component:

  • Use Controller Desired Rotation: If you set this to true, then your character will rotate smoothly in the direction you are looking.
  • Orient Rotation to Movement

Character (these settings are inherited from Pawn):
These option will make your character rotate in the direction of it’s controller. Assuming that your third person camera (or rather the spring arm that it’s attached to) has Use Pawn Control Rotation checked, this means that the camera and the controller are looking in the same direction.

  • Use Controller Roation Pitch
  • Use Controller Roation Yaw: If you set this to true, then your character will rotate instantly in the direction you are looking. This is in it’s behaviour identically to the CharacterMovement component’s setting, so you only want to check one of these. Preferential the component’s setting, because there the rotation is smooth and not instant.
  • Use Controller Roation Roll

If you want your character to always align with the camera, then you need to check Use Controller Desired Rotation.