AimOffset Problem

When I use aim offset (looking down), my character’s body is lying on the ground, but I just want my character’s head to move up and down, and the character’s feet to stay flat on the ground. Can someone help with this problem please? I have posted attachments, regarding the character’s aim offset

Looks like you didnt implement things correctly.
probably removing “orient rotation to movement” would fix most of this.
you have the setting both under the mesh and under the movement controller. Play with them, see what effects they have.

[USER=“3140864”]MostHost LA[/USER] I have removed “orient rotation to movement”, but it still doesn’t work?

What on earth are you using for your player character? I realize she’s a Paragon Asset. But are you using any third party movement system like ALS? Or is it completely custom? Because in ALS, Aim Offsets are handled by a 2D Blendspace and is nested somewhere deep within the Animation Graph. I suggest watching some tutorials to learn to accomplish some smaller things you want to do. That way you can build a bigger base understanding of Unreal and that will only help!

@Wxstern I can’t find any tutorials regarding this problem, would you mind helping me figure out how to fix it. On my Character BP, i checked all the controller rotation options and then unticked them. I am trying to get my character’s head to look up and down, and side to side. So that she can shoot in any direction rather than just in the middle