Aimoffset ironsight left hand glitch


I just created the ironsight aimoffset, but the left hand not really follow the weapon about pitch ~45.
without ironsight works well.
I tried to replace this hand with Two Bone IK but it’s not so smooth. Any idea how do i fix this problem?

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Here is the video:
Aimoffset Ironsight

Can you please upload a video where the bones are seen?

Yep:With bones

This is the way aim offsets work and how they bland rotations, what you do to fix this is to use ik bones.
You need to attach the weapon to the ik_hand_gun bone and then use the two bone ik node to move the hands to the hand ik bones.

Now the anim starter pack has an issue with the animation of the ik bones but a while ago I posted a fixed pack and you can find it here:

I see. Thank you so much!!