AimOffset editing crashes 4.7.1

while trying to replicate, in my own project the aimoffset from the content examples project the engine kept crashing.
I noticed that even in the content example if i try to preview and go all the way to the bottom left of the graph the engine crashes. not sure if it is the animation in that spot or the aimoffset it self.

Heyo DJMidKnight,

I am unable to reproduce this in 4.7.1. I would like to get the callstack and logs from your crash though. Here are the steps to get those if you need it. Can I get your dxdiag info as well?



crash info


Hey DJMidKnight,

To get the full callstack, can you reproduce the crash, then in the CrashReporter window, you’ll see a description field. Then type in “.Williams this is DJMidKnight” in the description field and hit send?

I updated to your driver version and I am still unable to repro.

The logs seem to point to something with PhysX. Your dxdiag indicates that you are using 3 monitors. Are you extending the editor across all 3? Can you try unplugging one and see if that stops it from crashing? If that stops it, we can go from there to get a fix in.


Sorry I have not had a chance to respond.
The editor had the issue if only on a single or if the window was attached to any additional monitor.
It usually happens when I go to the bottom lower corner extent of the offset graph like it seems unsure which animation to try to blend for the preview

Hey DJ,

Can you follow the CrashReporter steps in my earlier response so that I can get a full callstack? Even though I cannot reproduce this locally, I can still enter a bug with all this info and see if one of our engineers knows what’s happening.



ok done here I dont know if this will help you find the cause but it crashes when i try the bottom left corner of the preview graph.

oh quick update on that call stack dump i sent I used the Content Example package using Owens Aimoffset.

Thanks for the update. That was the same one I was using. I’ll enter the bug and let you know.

Hey DJMidKnight,

This bug appears to have been entered in our system a few times in addition to the bug that I updated. It appears that it is fixed as of 4.7.3. Any way you could update and let me know if it’s still occurring for you?


  1. Ok uninstalled and deleted the Content Examples I currently had.
  2. Reinstalled telling it to create the project using 4.7.3.
  3. Attempted aimoffset again
  4. locked up when i hit the bottom left corner of the preview
  5. CRASH
  6. added the reply to the new call stack with my name and to you
  7. pressed Send

it doesnt seem to be immediate but it does eventually happen.

Hey DJMidKnight,

Our crash reporter auto-generated a bug report (UE-13031) for this issue. I modified it and updated with repro steps and any other relevant info.

Some of the other crash reports with the same callstack mentioned blendspaces causing a crash sometimes as well. Have you had any issues with those?


EDIT: this is a different bug report than the one i had mentioned before

i havent messed with any of the blendspaces as much and have had no issues. Only the aimoffset.