Aimoff set and blens-space distort the model

i’m trying to create blend- space and the aimoffset so i put an animation the model is distorted but when i add 3 animations the model look correct. I need know why this distortion is happening i do not know what i can do , the scales looks ok . i 'm using 3ds max 2016 unreal engine 4.12.5. any idea?


Thanks :slight_smile:

Thats a normal behavior from the aimOffset node. Im not sure why exactly it does that, but thats how it does.
I guess its because it needs to calculate axis based offset delta values for joint transforms which it can only do if there is at least 2 points on each axis.
We would know better if there was a proper documentation on these things -.- … oh well, maybe one day.
So yeah, dont worry, just chose your aimOffset according to your needs (1D or 2D) and populate the axes of that node with at least 2 poses and you should be good.

Remember you also need to specify the additive space in the anim clips used in the aimOffset.