Aiming problems


so I’m having a couple of issues implementing the aiming.

I can’t seem to to make the projectile shoot towards the crosshair.
(In the picture right below I tried out different ways to aim…but I’m probably to dumb to figure it out…-.-)
Doing the Linetrace this way:
Start: CameraWorldPosition
End: CameraWorldPosition + CameraForwardVector * Range
makes the projectile perfectly go to the crosshair. But then, problem b) occurs.

Spawning the projectile:

When rotating around the player, at certain angles I shoot the player, like seen in
the picture (the first of health bar). In this case it looks obvious (as the aiming offset animation
is not working correctly), but this also happens when the camera is
right behind the character. And it also doesn’t matter whether I’m shooting from the TP
oder FP perspective. The projectile still often goes to the character.

As you can also see the aim offset messes with the body rotation. I don’t know how to fix that.

The other very annoying thing is, that I get tons of warning stating that the slot node
“upper body” already exists.

The animgraph looks like this atm:

There are even more problems with aiming, but I thought it might be better to list a few for now…hope the rest will get fixed automatically.
Any help would be highly appreciated. Let me know if you need more screenshots.