Aiming help

Hello, everyone. I am trying to create an indicator where a ball or a rocket or a cannon ball will land when fired but I am stuck and out of ideas so can anybody point me to the right direction. Or maybe is there anything like that in market place.

You’ll need to look at physics / mechanics. You can guess where a ball is going to land based off it’s speed, direction and acceleration present on the ball (if the ball is in freefall) rather easily. Rockets tend to travel is straight lines but might have gravity affecting them as well. This is quite a common part of most mechanics modules in further maths / physics so that’s a good place to look.

If you realllllly want to cheat, fire an invisible ball really fast and see where it lands? Just an idea.

hmm invisible ball sounds easier to me but if I change ball speed it will go straight… so how to make it go faster? DeltaTime maybe ?

Acceleration (gravity) on the ball will stay the same if you just make its speed quicker. Is there a simulation / physics speed for the object? Like I said, that’d be a choppy method to get this done. If the ball has any change in direction midair, you’d have to fire another quick ball which is relatively costly in terms of resources

Will give it a hard think over and see what I came up with

****… thanks a lot will study this :smiley: