Aim offsets animations broken


I moved some bones on an animation and since then my aim offsets are broken. The hand are not where they are supposed to be, so the game looks weird. I’m using the anim starter pack and the UE4 skeleton. I tried reimporting the animations and starting all over again but it does not work.

Is there a way to revert the bone position to have my rifle offset working again?

Did it work before? Only way I can get it to work is by having a TwoBoneIK on hand_l and using hand_r as the effector target. That way the left hand won’t clip through your weapon and such. I’m assuming that’s your issue?

Sorry for the late reply. Something was wrong with the skeleton, but only on the animations that had the rifle idle base pose, so moving that one did the trick.

And yes, thanks for the TwoBoneIK advice, I checked it out and it really helps keeping the hands on the rifle when I switch between Unreal animations and Mixamo or others.