Aim offsets and "idle walk run"

I’m trying to use just the legs from my “Idle walk run” blend space, and then use some aim offsets for the upper body.

I have a video explaining it in detail, I hope you guys can help me out.

I was struggling with the same thing, and this is how I solved it.
There’s probably better ways to do it, but I’m just starting to learn the animation system. Hope this helps!

You are pretty much 80% there already. What you are missing is to apply your AimOffset to the upperbody only.

  • Create a “Layered Blend per bone” node.
  • Add a filter in the properties and Set Bone Name to “Spine_01”
  • Add your NoAim idle as a base pose for your HipAimOffset
  • Add your Aim idle as base pose for your AimOffset (Ironsight)
  • Plug the result of your “Blend by bool” to the “Layered blend per bone” node
  • Create a cached version of your locomotion and plug that in as a base pose
  • Add the result to your final animation pose

This is how my graph looks like:


Locomotion Cache is not need here - you can connect it directly, but also this is no problem. Overall solution and answer is good +.