Aim Offset

Hello everyone,

I am making a sidescroller game and was wondering how do I create the aiming mechanic, should I be using aim offset? I am using the free animations pack from unreal and it has the offsets but it’s all in one file, I don’t get how to split them up? Also how should I go about using Aim Offset and setting it’s values by either using a mouse or controller?

Thanks everyone


In the Animation Starter pack, you need to take the Aim_Space_Hip animation and break it out into individual poses. Move the time slider to the pose you want, then hit the record button. That will generate a new animation. With that new animation, you can right clock on the time slider and delete out all but one frame. Then in the Additive Settings change the Additive Anim Space to Mesh Space.

I just set one up using 9 poses. CenterCenter, CenterUp, CenterDown, LeftCenter, LeftUp, LeftDown, RightCenter, RightUp, RightDown I’m running into a bug hooking it up to the Idle_Rifle_Hip anim though (You can see the bug here)