Aim offset with rifle causes left arm to float away

I’ve made a video that show a problem that’s been bugging me. I’ve setup the standard 9 aim offsets for my character. I’ve attached a rifle to a socket and made sure it looks correct in an Idle pose and all of the 9 aim offsets look fine.

Once i start to move the mouse around in the grid, the transitions between some of the poses cause the left hand to float away from the gun.

How can i work around this to keep the left hand on the gun at all time?

If someone has a guide they can link me to, i’d be very greatfull.

Ok, so i think i figured out how to do this using FABRIK. I’ll post a video of how i did it later, since no one seemed to have made such a guide before…

However i still struggle with a bit of lag on the hand positioning. So if someone can then later help out with that, it’d be great.

Here’s a video showing the solution i have so far. It’s still not perfect, since the left hand lags behind the movement. Hope someone can explain how to fix this.

Ok, so i finally figured out a solution to this. I’ve posted my solution here:

Let me know if you have questions to it.