Aim offset, recoil, replicated

Anyone have any examples of adding recoil when replicated pitch is involved in an aim space?

I replicate a additive animation for recoil which looks fine if your near the base pose. However if your aiming up or down it tries to bring you to base pose.

Example: clicking shoot sets a bool to is firing which replicates and a bool in the animation blue print is replicated and this everyone sees the animation change but aiming down means he tries to aim forward because the base pose is just that.

This can make things look messy when a muzzle flash is involved.

Any input appreciated, I’ll continue my research and check back :wink:

Came across this which I’m going to try. All my pitch off set happens at spine 1 I imagine if I segment off the recoil just below the clavicles I can retain pitch for animation to affect the arms in the right direction without affecting if I’m looking up or down.

I’m just unsure if the animation will replicate if it’s called in player blue print even if it’s run on server replicated.