Aim Offset not aligned to rotation


in short: Aim offset doesn’t align perfectly to given rotation

I have created a first person character that uses a full body mesh with the intention to use a single mesh for body and also as the character “first person” arms (“true fps”)

The idea is to have the character hand/arm perfectly aligned to the camera while aiming Up/Forward/Down

All good except one thing: it seems that the Aim Offset interpolation deviates from the actual camera pitch in a “sine wave”, as you can see in the following video:

VIDEO: [Link][1]

The camera is attached to the skeletal mesh “eyes” socket, but i used a trick using spring arm so the camera only follows the bone location, then i use “Use Pawn Control Rotation” on camera properties so the camera rotation is free


The Aim Offset 1D asset have poses that aim 90 up, straight forward and 90 down, so this should match 1:1 as player control rotation min/max pitch

The character blueprint is using just a Aim Offset 1D using Control Rotation Pitch

I have selected all different types of interpolation methods on Aim Offset, but i din’t see any difference

I did managed to partially “fix” the problem using sine, but it’s still not perfect:

So my question is:

Is there any way to make it work perfectly or is it a bug?


Project [1.8MB]: [project_link][5]