Aim Offset mesh disappear

i create a aim offset for my character made in MakeHuman with animation from mixamo,i follow the official tutorial but when i put the 1 frame animation on the graph, the mesh in the preview disappear(is not problem of scaling animation) and all the bones go to the same location.
I have not found anything like it online, someone can help me to fix?

thanks in advance


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Same here, I have the same problem with my makehuman character.

Also having the same problem, has anyone figured this out?

make sure the base pose animation’s additive settings is “no additive”.

for example, the base pose is the Idle animation in my project .

it’s additive settings is “no additive”.


Excellent! Thank you @madkaikai!

This solved my issue. Thanks a lot!

So ive changed the base ainmation of idle aimin to no additive, however when i now try and add aiming offsets for different angles the mesh dissappears