Aim offset left hand issue

The issue is in the left hand. The only solution that I have found online is using IK to glue the left hand to the gun. I don’t want to do this. I would prefer to have full control of my character through animations. Any ideas on how to fix this strange issue?

You can’t. The aim offset is taking the measurements from 2 different animations and attempting to find one.
Notice how your issue only occurs when the blend is 50% between the 2 states.

IF you wanted to control it via Animation Only, then you could just use a chain of bones on the spine to

You’d have to manually derive the amount from the mouse position / or something - probably camera position, would depend on the game type.

Also, another thing. Your aim offset needs ALL of it’s reference frames in order to be more accurate. Meaning, you probably won’t have as much of an issue if you insert in all the 8+1 required animations.
re-check the docs:

Thanks for the help.

I am aware that the aim offset should have all of the reference frames. I was having the same issue with all of them, so I removed all but these two for testing purposes.
Controlling the spine seems like an interesting solution. I’l have to research and see what the pros/cons are.

So, would you say most games simply use IK to solve this inevitable aim offset issue? That seems like a pain in the ass for getting accurate animations.

it’s not that difficult to set up a proper IK system.
And yes, I believe the only “right” way (if there can be such a thing?) to address the issue is IK.
Why? Because what happens when you change weapon and the grip is different?

With IK you simply don’t need to worry about it. You set the socket or bone that the weapon needs to be gripped on, along with a rotation to copy, and the weapon can be gripped correctly at all times without much hassle (past the initial coding of it).

My personal preference is to position the weapon in the character’s hands, delete off all the bones except the hand bones, and merge them onto the weapon so that the exact position I have posed can easily be applied (copy transforms) to the IK hand bones.
Ends up being rather fast.

Hey Guac! I recommend looking through this as it is a good IK implementation:

Thanks for the link.

I followed the tutorial and it works for the most part. However, the left hand / arm stutters every second.

Any idea why?

Must be a bad implementation. you can see if it gets better or worse with limiting the FPS - if it gets worse then, definitely something wrong in how you have it working.

Capping the FPS to 25 made no visible change in my eyes.

At a glance, it looks like the offset is not always active.
something must be up with how you are setting the alpha for it.