Aim Offset is messed up when blended with Idle

I’ve done a bit of research on setting up the Aim Offset with the Animation Starter Pack. What I’ve found was helpful until I encountered this problem. It seems like a bug to me.

I created an Aim Offset Blend. It looked great. When I blended it with the Idle_Rifle_Hip the arms looked all messed up. I made a video of the issue here

And I attached my anim poses, the AimOffsetBlendSpace, and the anim blueprint. Attachments

If it’s a bug I wanted to report it. If I’m doing it wrong, could you please correct me?

Hi CharlieTheTall

What version of UE4 are you working in?


Whoops, should have mentioned that. 4.6.0

Hi CharlieTheTall,

Thanks for supplying the files and including a video of the problem. I was able to reproduce the issue and have reported as a bug [UE-6828]. When this issue is addressed an update will be added to this post.

Thanks again

Thanks so much!

Aimoffset requires the additive animation type to be Mesh Space. Could you verify that’s what you did?



Confirmed, that’s what I did. You can see it in the video, and in the attached files.

The exact process was something like, I set it to No Additive, Then Mesh Space, then Local Space, did a bunch of reading (docs, answers, forums), then went back and set them all to Mesh Space. So the final setting is Mesh Space, but perhaps fiddling with it at first broke something.

Is there any ETA on when this issue will be fixed? Just curious. I saw that this “answer” was accepted and just wanted to ask.

Someone on the team went through and selected the answer as accepted because they saw I had a JIRA report already written up and in a lot of cases that’s the answer until a developer marks it as a bug or explains what the appropriate work flow is. When this happens and you are not satisfied with the answer just ‘reply’ (as you have done) and we will continue to work with you until we determine whether this is a bug or what the appropriate work flow is.

In this case I have spoken to developer responsible for this issue about this and should have an answer soon.

Awesome. Thanks!

Hi Charlie,

I’m afraid this issue got backlogged as the developer said that they repro’d this themselves and it was not a bug and I repro’d it again and wrote it was still a bug. However, when I was reproducing the issue, I was using your assets which appeared correct. However, checking over one more time I found a step in the documentation I missed which was: In your aim offset, you have to choose a preview base pose which is what you are blending with in the anim graph.

Once I added that pose, I discovered your Blend Space Asset is faulty right out of the gate even though it appears correct if you have the Base Pose set to “none” Here’s how it looks with the proper Preview Base Pose:

So, we have narrowed the issue down to the original creation of the Aim Offset asset. Please recreate this asset and check it against the Preview Base Pose as shown following the instructions here:

If I have more time this week, I will do the same as I’ve followed the rest of the steps a couple of times trying to show this as a bug. Let me know if you have problems creating the original blendspace.


Yeah. That was it. Super complex and I think I must have skipped a very small but important step. I needed to add the Reference Frame thing to each of the aim offset poses. Once I did that it looked fine with the Preview Base Mesh set to the Idle_Rifle_Hip anim. Looks good in game. Thanks so much for the help. You guys are so thorough and awesome!