Aim Offset is just not working no matter what I do but normal blendspaces work

I have having the most difficult time creating an aim offset for my character. Each of the animations are one frame each for the different shoot directions and when playing individually they work fine. But as soon as I drag them into the aim offset, the character turns into a pretzel.

For example, I first import my animations from mixamo:


Okay then I will open each one up and set the following options:

Noting that the animations look perfectly fine at this point.

Now I Make a new Aim offset selecting the same skeleton used for the animations:

However, I think from the screenshot above, might explain the problem. For some reason he appears to be rotated in the aim offset… moving forward. The issue happens when I drag in an animation into
the offset:

Perhaps he looks better this way. =)

I have been pounding my head against the wall, trying to figure why it is doing this. If I make a normal blendspace, I do not seem to have any weird twisting going on? I have been trying to mess with the parameters without any success. Any advice on how I could debug this because I am all out of ideas. Any help or guidance is appreciated.

Try here >>>UE4 #5 Add rifle and create aim offset from AimSpace Animation - YouTube <<<Creating an aimoffset

And here >>> UE4 #6 Using Aim offset with Unreal Engine 4 - YouTube <<<<Applying the offset

I was watching that series and that is how I discovered the issue. I do not know why the character grows like that.

The lower screenshot does not look that bad. :slight_smile: - If I just add my aim_cc into the mid then it looks pretty scary as well (probably even scarier). Just don’t stop at this point. How does it look if you add all missing aim_* into the offset axis and finally your idle (breathing) animation in your “Preview Base Pose” in “Additive Settings” (which is still empty on your lower screenshot)?

Thank you! It ended up working after putting all the animations in , I guess I have to learned not to be afraid lol. I suppose it is all part of the learning curve. Thanks for pointing that out.