Aim Offset in Animation Starter Pack


Everyone is asking this question:

How do you utilise the aim offset animation sequence in the animation starter pack?

Does anyone know?

Please share :slight_smile:


I not sure if they are some magic way, but the workaround is:
-Export the animation, duplicated X times, import each animation using set range in the fbx import options.

You mean how to create an AimOffset asset using the Aim_Space_Hip animation sequence from AnimStarterPack?
If so, I have a solution (just implemented).

You can use them by blending. For instance you can blend the upper body from say the pistol animations with the lower body of the running animations and/or the spine from the aim offsets. The aim offsets are so your character can look down AND shoot down (or right, left, up - you get the idea).

what would that be?

What would that be?

If you mean you want to use them so the player looks around with the mouse control? Then go to the Official documentation right HERE:

I created duplicates of the aim_space_hip animation and then cut the animations so that each contained a single one frame pose animation. Remember to set the base pose of each of the aim pose anims to the idle animation also.
In my honest opinion, the workflow is a bit awkward when it comes to the aimoffsetting. I expected that I could just tag frames of the aim_space_hip animation with a name and use those as poses, instead of duplicating the animation asset.