Aim offset doesn't work in game

Hey Guys!
I am completely new to UE4, so please, be as basic and clear as possible, because I just don’t know some options and how to find them. I know that doing things and following tutorials which I don’t really understand is not the best way of learning. I know how some parts works, but not all of them. And creating this is really complicated for me, as a someone who just started doing things in UE4.

I was following this tutorial: Third Person Shooter Build Introduction - YouTube how to make Third Person Shooter.
Everything was fine until I had to deal with Aim offset. I’ve done everything properly, but in the game, my character still can’t aim in the up or down.
Here’s my blueprints: (I’ve done this whole blueprint for Aim offset, but it’s just doesn’t work in game)

And here’s how it looks in game:

Thanks for help!

Okay, I figured it out!
For everyone who have similar problem - check your blueprint for basic mistakes (like not connecting things to sequences) :slight_smile:

like what? Im having such an issue right now, its just refusing to work, so what was not connected for you?