Aim Offset Documentation -- Missing last step or user error?

I’m trying to follow the Aim Offset tutorial here:

I get to the end though and I’m stuck. In the attached images, you see the tutorial has a patch coming into the ‘set’ node, but it doesn’t say what to connect that to.
I’ve tried connecting it to a few random things but no luck. If anyone can get me past the hurdle I’d appreciate it.
Also pated a link to the blueprint paste bin below, hope that’s OK let me know if not.

Pastebin: Aim Offset Character posted by anonymous | blueprintUE | PasteBin For Unreal Engine 4

OK so I guess it’s def. user error.
My girlfriend came to look (she’s Nuke compositor who uses visual scripting a lot) and noticed I had already created the Aim Yaw set and Aim Pitch earlier, to the left.
Because the picture showed them to the right, I assumed I needed to create new ones, not realizing I had to bring over the ones I made earlier to the left.
Hope it helps if anyone else has the problem.

There is a weird glitch on my animation. See video if anyone has any ideas what I might be doing wrong in blueprint.