Aim Offset Curves?

Doubt I’ll get a response on this before I figure out why, but it’s worth a try.

I have just enabled an aim offset state and I noticed that it completely removes the weight curves of the underlying animation.
Not sure what I need to look into, but I bet it’s a setting…

Or maybe not. I can’t seem to find anything about the fact that the curve is overwritten by the aim space at all.

For now I have resolved to adding the curve metadata to each of the aim offset frames so that the data returns 1, which is what I need for Idle… Guessing this is a shortcoming of the engine?

I don’t like this solution at all, but if someone is having similar issues with foot placement you can get away with a layer blend per bone on spine_01.
Essentially like for Slot Upper Body examples, completely isolate the bottom from the top by over-writing the aimspace end pose with the layered blend per bone one.