Aim offset bugs mesh scale while blending out

My setup is pretty simple:

Aim offset:

But I’ve got WEIRD behavior blending out from pose using offset:

Looks like aim offset looses additive attribute and bugs mesh scale. How to fix it?

This can happen any time that you blend in a null asset. In this case, Unarmed or Melee (which are both set to “Select Asset”, aka null) are being blended in during the 0.3 seconds that BlendPosesByBool fades out. You should cache the ArmedState enum value and only update it when blends are done, and/or input a valid aim pose to all possible options of the Select node. You’ll probably run into blending pops with the second solution since you are using Select to instantly switch aim offsets instead of using a blend to switch.

Awesome! This is it! Can’t believe I missed that :smiley: