Aim Offset Blueprint Help

What’s up everybody?

Ok, so I’m working on a 3d side scroller shooter and I am having a problem getting my pitch to change via the character blueprint.

I created my blend animation no problem. I’ve also added that to the AnimgGraph, and its working as it should. I’ve followed many tutorials, but I still cant get it to work.

Can someone PLEASE show me what I’m doing wrong or point me in the right direction? Here is the link to my onedrive.!AtOvOMwVNrBChV95KvjFA8smudVc

Ignore the link below here. I couldn’t get it to work or remove it for some reason.

Had a quick look…

First your AnimBP is casting to Ue4ASP_Character, but your are using Sidescrollcharacter as pawn.

The pitch function in the AnimBP is working when you manually add a pitch value to the pitch varible.

So I think you just need to tell AnimBP where the mouse cursor is on the screen…

Found a tutorial that may help:

Remove the old cast to Ue4ASP_Character and create a new cast to a different character/blueprint by dragging off “Try get pawn owner” and typing cast in the search box and pick the Sidescrollcharacter…

Also the jump and crouch bools in the AnimBP is trying to get varibles from casting to the unused Ue4ASP_Character, so you need to move this into Sidescrollcharacter blueprint.

You may also want to see this video: