Aim offset Blend Space Preview Mesh Bug

Hi this bug appeared when i removed all animations to make new ones from anim retarget. Blend spaces and blueprints used this animations. So I created new blend spaces and new blueprints and new Aim Offset, deleting the old one. The bug still not fixed. The mesh is messed up when viewing blend space from Aim Offset and in game too.

Hey DatnessX,

I haven’t seen this before with AimOffsets. Could you migrate some of the content to a blank project and send it to me?

You can PM me a link on the forums if you don’t want it shared publicly.


Sure. Btw it’s not problem only with Aim Offsets but with Blend Space too, i tryed to change the Additive settings from Mesh Space to Local and the problem dissapeared. But when i tryed mix more animation frames using Local Space instead of Mesh space, it could not mix it. So the Mesh space thing causing the bug I guess.

So it fixed itself. The messes mesh appeared only when I added the first animation frame, when I continued adding more animations it resolved.

Ah yes, I have seen that before now that you mention it. It was entered in our system as UE-5111 and marked as “By Design”. This is because it was worse to see absolutely nothing in the preview when you drop in only one or two animations.