Aim offset and Crouch

need a little help with two problems // 1st is aim offset it works fine when standing still but when i move it **rotates more than it should // 2nd **problem is when i crouch walk off a ledge character stays crouched when landing but i want character to be standing when landing also want when crouched if i press space bar the character stands up any help would be great

For the fall (or jump) to crouch you just need to reset the Crouch boolean.
I would just automate it into the falling process. Maybe a Notify could also do the trick here, you know, to avoid having that “on tick”.

obviously, jump is done via input, so you can reset the crouch there.
for the falling it’s not quite the same, but the AnimBP is usually checking to see if you reached the floor or not at every frame. You can probably branch there and inject some bool control.

For the Aim offset. I need to seriously look into my own, it seems to me like there is a bug in the way it works.
since 4.22 at least the head goes around like a horror movie instead of stopping where it should.
In my case, this also includes very wierd circular motions layered on top of the side to side motion.

Off the top of my head, I would look for a way to disable the aim offset node once I reach the maximum desired reach, and possibly overlay a static montage. Assuming ofc. I can’t simply find a setting to limit this that works within the aim offset itself.

a more out of the box approach is to remove the aim offset and use fabric to manually rotate the head/neck/spine3,2,1 by setting a rotation to the head that is IKd to the rest.
obviously this is not going to work for rifles/guns.

thanks for the reply i got everything working now only problem i have now is when i crouch hit space bar i stand up but i have to hit crouch twice to crouch again

“hit crouch twice to crouch again”
Do you have a flip/flop or something similar on the input?
Get rid of it, and perform the crouched check with the same boolean instead.

if crouched, uncrouch, if uncrouched, crouch.

Thanks for your help all working good so far and is movement replication working

Pretty good animations too. The only thing I would suggest is to create a sling on the rifle- that’ll take about a week or so XP
Sometimes I really wish some of the “basic” stuff could be easier…