Aim Offset Additive Settings

Hello, How am I supposed to set up the additive settings of my animations and the AimOffset Blueprint for it to work properly? What should be my Base pose and what is i relevant to? Also if I have a firing recoil animation how do I combine it with the Aim Offset.


Here you go - Aim Offset in Unreal Engine | Unreal Engine 5.1 Documentation

I saw that post and it does not answer my questions. I made the Aimoffset how do i Integrade it into my anim blueprint? And how do I make a firing recoil animation play with it?

Though I don’t get why you would downvote my suggestion, here’s one of the possible ways to set up such system.

And to play firing animation you just launch an AnimMontage from your character blueprint. It can either be a loop:

Or a single shot animation:

I am sorry, i thought you were one of the people who just tries to get points with stupid suggestions. This is exactly what I have been looking for. I will try these and get back to you :smiley:

No problems, points are pointless (pun intended), I just want to share what I know to as many people as possible.

If you need additional help - just post your questions here.

This looks like you have an error in your aim offset setup somewhere. What are your additive settings, can you post a picture?

And I also don’t see your Slot node on which you are supposed to play a shooting AnimMontage. Do you have it?

Hmm, I tried what you suggested and it works, but now I have this problem:

Here are my Additive Settings, they re like this for every animation. I have not yet made the slot because I am somewhat familiar with Montages and I want to get the AimOffset working first.

You should set base pose type to Selected animation frame and specify the animation which was the “base” one. For instance, if you have a breathing idle animation then your base pose type animation is going to be the original, non-additive idle animation. Try this out and tell if that helps.

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Thanks a lot, it works perfectly. Now if I want there to be an aim offset for idle and one for walking would I need to make 2 aim offsets? I am asking because in UDK you could use the same “Node” for a few positions.

Cool, glad to hear that!

As for the second part - no, you just need to specify the “original” animation once and then you can use it anywhere you’d like. But of course no one is stopping you from creating different types of additive animations for every weapon/stance/run and etc.