Aim off set glitch when blend.

My problem is exact look like this


How can I fix that?

And do I need to remove key frame for whole low part body and maybe one of arm?

I use current version.

Yes! Yessss! Fix!
Anyone need help with aim offset? Don’t ask me.
This forum need help eachother a bit more.

Technically that isn’t blending, if your setup is like the video you may need to add a blend node and use a neutral T or A-pose for the base pose for the aim offset.

But you didn’t post any screenshots or anything so it’s hard to help.

Here is how I make aim offsets, these are for replication in multiplayer, but it will work in single player too!

Its toward the end of that video!

Unreal Engine 4 - (Tutorial) Quick And Dirty Blueprint Shooter Replication

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