Aim Down Sights Movement with Third Person Template

I’m having issues with Strafing while Aiming Down Sights with my Third Person Character Template. My Character is snapping to the angle of a key pressed (Ex. D=to the right) before going to the controller’s yaw input as I toggle the “Use Controller Yaw” input boolean on and off while strafing. See Screenshots and example video below.

In the TP Character template pressing D rotates the character 90 degrees then and moves the player in the direction the character is facing. It seems like I am conflicting with that when toggling on “Use Controller Yaw”.

If anyone is curious of has time to look back into this I’d be greatly appreciative.

Thank you!

I found the answer relatively quickly after posting this (even though I was stuck on this for 2 days before posting :/) The issue was of course in the “Character Movement” I just needed to simply call my character’s movement and then set “Orient Rotation to Movement” to false while Aiming down sights (see screen shot below).

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If you don’t mind my asking I am trying to make something similar to how you have this setup which resulted in 3 questions, I see you can toggle between 3rd and first person so the first being are you switching to first person WHEN you ads or is it a toggle? secondly are you using the same 3rd person model when you switch to first person or is there a pair of arms hidden until you switch to first person? and lastly how are you able to get the ads to line up so nicely with the animation? would you be able to point me in the right direction for setting something like this up?