Aim Down Sights Camera problem

Hi everybody,

I’m making a FPS game and the aim down sights turns out to be very tricky. Firs I added ADS camera to my Player Character to the Gun Slot. It was working but I have different weapons and the position of the hand is not the same for each of them and so I can’t adjust the ADS camera for all the weapons. So I decided to add Camera Component in each weapon blueprint. I added a variable GunCamera in my Player Character blueprint, of the type Camera Component and when you equip a weapon, this variable is set to the Camera Component in this weapon blueprint. But when I switch to ADS, the vision only slightly changes from the standard, and doesn’t changes no matter how I rotate and move the camera in the weapon blueprint. I don’t understand what I’m doing wrong. If anybody have an idea I will be very happy. Thank you!

How are you looking through the new camera, a set view target with blend?

I just Deactivate the Follow Camera and Activate the Gun Camera (See the screenshot).