Aim Down Sight Theory Question (ADS)


is it possible to make a good Aim Down Sights with blueprints that for example should look like the ads from ironbelly?
What are the cons and pros for ads with blueprints or animations?

Procedurally doing ironsights gives you quicker controls for tweaking, and doesnt require an artist or a lot of time. Depending on how well you can do it procedurally through code it can be just as good as animated ironsights.Generally the big advantage of using animation based ironsights is that it gives you control over what the animation should look like (hip fire and ironsight recoil should definitely be different for both realism and gameplay purposes).

Basically, depending on how much work you do animation ironsights look better and function better, but you have less control for tweaking manually (unless you tweak the raw animation) where as coded ironsights generally dont look as good (again, depends on your implementation) but are easier to tweak for different guns, attachments, states, etc.

Thank you for the detailed answer, but i forgot something: Which of these method does basically needs more performance?