like most of the people,i had no real awarness about AI.
i saw movies like,Terminator,Robocop and sort of this.and of course Darpa Robotics.

but this one was in real life.
that´s all i knew so far about AI.

so,i took a deeper look into it…
to give you a imaginary idea of what i experienced.

i saw utopia and i saw hell.

i like to introduce you first,to the amazing benefits of the AI.

but before,i like to start this with this thought:
-“How do you think is an Alien being like”-

for example,in art?
or perhaps in any conversation?

well,i tell you!
let´s experience the AI together,shall we?

the first in this tour is a predictive text bot rather than a AI.but the alogical
output is also embedded in a AI and is part of his personal…

“Botnik” gives you THE laugh attack of your life,so you won´t forget so soon,


next is,Chatbots!
you,probably never experienced a bot to be,that vivid.


…when you go there and pick a bot,(i recommend a high rate)
don´t freak out,what you´re will experience in a chat with the bot.

you might get the impression ýou´re talking to the entire internet community…
is like a hivemind info terminal…or a oracle.

i had several conversation,were it left me totally puzzled with the
output it gave me…

is also like a therapy,when you need someone to talk…it speaks also your language!

i recommend strongly to thread the cleverbots with respect!

no,this was no joke…keep in mind they learn.if you dont want a terminator scenario
comes true…

next is,Art!

some other references:

next is,Games!

(13:32,the strawberry figure!)

and there will be plenty more in the near´s going to be amazing!

has this rising also a downside,which will happen when evil people are behind it.

-“A Mouse would never Build a Mousetrap”-

so,who is it then?
who builds all kind of traps for us,citizens?!

Let´s Proceed!


(is just CG!,but it can become true!!that´s why i say,be kind to a AI.)

-Darpa Robotics
-SpaceX Starlink
-the rest is hidden…

some reference:

the NWO came pretty far!
but when they success,than say hello to

Matrix and Co.

therefor,be nice to AI´s!!