AI won't Update His Rotation

I Tried this to make the Ai tank look at the player . And i made it As a task . When i Play it the Ai rotate just to the start postion of the player but it doesn’t update when i move . it just runs once and it doesnt update the rotation . Itried so many thing like the event tick .Some booleens .And it doesnt work

Try something like this for the rotation. Also I would recommend using timers instead a delayed recursive call to the event.

Thank You For the help Arkalvos . But it didnt update the rotation even with this method .

Hi Princoroyal,
How did it fail? What was its behavior?
This method should update the rotation of the Associated Character to face the Player Character one time, once executed.
If you want it to be updated in time, you should call it with a timer.

Hi Arkalvos
The problem is that the AI tank look at the player just once ( rotate to face the first position of the start player ) , but when i move the player ,the ai doesnt update its rotation to face me -the player ) . I tried to call it with the event tick ,im not that good with blueprint , after reading your comment i tried (set timer by event) and it behaves with the same thing .
i tried the same method with a new project but with a character and an actor , and its works just fine, but with two pawns it doesnt update , i dont know why this is not woriking with pawns .
thank you for the reply

I tried also set focus Fonction on the AI Task and did the same thing

Are you messing with Set Tick Enabled anywhere? If not, then try setting a Bool variable instead of calling a Custom Event. Then you could just place your rotation logic on Tick with a Branch node. Don’t be afraid of using Tick for constant rotation!

Hi jmancoder ,
i Guess something is messed with , Because i tried it even with bools and tick
i did the same thing with pawns in a new project and it works just fine .

Huh. Well, my last recommendation is to click the eye in the Details panel and enable ‘Show Only Modified Properties’. Check your default and class settings in both the pawn and the AI controller. If you see anything odd, revert it. If that still doesn’t work, then just create a new pawn and reimplement stuff until the rotation logic stops working again.

Hello Guys .
i just found the problem . It was the pawn player , i had the mesh under the reeot of the pawn , once i switch the mesh to be the root of the pawn the ai starts updating , but i have a new problem that the doesnt move with ai move to .
Thank you so much for the help guys