AI won't MoveTo given vector, but it work with target Actor

Hello there,
I followed tutorial at Behavior Tree in Unreal Engine - Quick Start Guide | Unreal Engine 5.0 Documentation
Everything works great, I have finished it.

So, I wanted to accomplish challange from 8th section: When losing line of sight to the Player, move the AI to the last known location of the Player rather than getting the current location of the Player.

But AI skips “chase player” part, tree just blinks and it goes patrolling.

Can someone help me? Where do I have a problem?

Thanks a lot

Once Line of Sight is no longer set, you go to Patrol. You probably want to put in a separate branch that has “am i going to where i last saw the player?”

My issue is that MoveTo acceps either Actor object or Vector. When I give it Actor, AI goes to Actor location, actually it chase it and never stops, since actor location is ever changing. But when I give Vector as param of MoveTo, it should at least go to that given location. But it doesnt happen, that branch just blinks and thats all, it goes patrolling