AI wont go to BP_Actor Location to investigate a sound

I am trying to get my monster AI to hear a sound (In this case, I have a broom fall over and then Report Noise Event at it’s location) and then go towards it.
I know that the AI Behavior Tree is working, the monster roams and chases the player. And I know that the monster hears the sound, but he will not go towards it. Instead he gets stuck walking in place.
Although if I set the vector to 0,0,0 he will move to the center of the map as expected
From what it looks like to me, he is not getting the correct vector (SoundLocation). But I thought I set that in the AI Controller (AIC_SplinterMouth).
I am completely lost, any help would be a godsend


Not sure this will help, but have you tried instead of getting the broom actor location and storing it why not try the stimulus source location from the breakaistimulus? Hope this helps

Well, I feel silly.
I spent hours looking at this code and I didn’t even notice that was an option!

That may have been it, plus I also noticed that the broom, itself was effecting the navmesh
Either way, its working now!
I can’t thank you enough for your response!

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