AI won't drop off ledges or climb stairs

My AI won’t walk off ledges or use the stairs. I think it’s a problem with the NavMesh, but I’m not sure how to fix it. Pictures are provided.

Can you post an image of your Blueprint or Behavior tree so we can see the logic behind how you move your AI?

Here’s the Behavior tree and the AI controller event graph.

First thing I noticed is that you steps are not green, so no NavMesh on steps and it also appears that the Navmesh is not going up to the edges of you platform.

Should look more like this.

I would play with Navmesh, or repost it as Navmesh issue.


Hi! to fix your problem you can use 3 solutions:

  1. You can use NavLink Actors (you can find it in your mode tab looking for Nav Link Proxy) and connect the points A and B at the start and the end of your stairs. You can use it even for make the AI jump off the ledges.

  2. You can edit your NavMesh parameters from Edit/ProjectSettings/Engine/Navigation Mesh. I’m not sure what parameter fix your problem, I can guess Cell Height or Agent height.

  3. You can fix your stairs collision to a ramp, you’d need better IK for foots bt the way so it would take more .

Have a nice day!


The NavLink and changing project settings worked. For anyone else having the same problem, the setting was “Agent Step Height.” I also had to change the AI character’s step height.

could you please tell us what settings you set it to? Im trying and my AI is NOT falling off the ledge!

I am sure that all stairs are all green. But I still can’t up stairs to the top.
The only floor my ai can reach is the 2nd floor.