AI with health?

I made a health system for my character and I have several wandering AI versions of the same characters
My character also has a damage event reflected in in the health bar
How do I make it so that I can damage the AI and they can damage me?
My character has a set of attacks and I’d want the AI to be able to use those too

Well consider copying your system to an enemy pawn. Damage by what? Projectile? Collission (like fist or sword?)? Swearing? Copy the attacks from your controller to the AI controller, so the AI can use them, too?

Sorry if I was a bit vague. Collision such as fists. How do I make the collisions with particular actors trigger events such as damage?

For such cases you wanna use overlap events (e.g. onBeginOverlap), so lets’s say the enemys fist overlaps your characters head - that sounds like a hit on the head.

There’s a basic damage system in ue4 you can use to easily deduct health points on such events. Maybe play a bit with the damage functions: