Ai vs Ai


im complitly new to UE4 and i only do this for fun.
I just started today and im already feeling i should not do this. :smiley:

I watched a few Vidoes on how a AI moves around on a floor.
What i want is a arena where several NPC fight each other.

For now im just trying that my NPC run at each other. Like they notice each other.
I can get them to chase my player, what is really simple, but without my player in sight, they don’t move.

I can’t find any tutorials on how to get my AI to interact with each other.

In the end i want to “spawn” several NPC with specific player names that attack each other until only one survives.

You will need to run the gamut of AI tutorial lessons to learn how to make AI work.
I suggest you use AIPerception and Behavior Trees

thx for the tip, but it seem this tutoial is out of date or im really stupid. I tried this tutorial 3 times but after capital 4 point 5 i can’t continue because i can’t find “Set Max Walk Speed” anywhere like it is shown in the picture.

Got it to work, don’t knwo why it wasn’t showing the first 50 times i searched it :smiley: