AI tutorial finished, but AI not animating to walk/run

I just followed through the tutorial located here.

The only difference is that I’m using Third Person Template, as opposed to the Top down template.

When the AI moves towards me, it just slides in it’s idle stance, as if it’s speed is 0, but it is moving at it’s max speed.

Should I have a service to change the AI’s current speed, or speed modifier?

Oh nevermind, I dun durped.

My AI bot was of a blueprint called “AI1Bot_BP”, and it was using the ThirdPersonAnimBlueprint which was trying to cast the pawn owner as ThirdPersonCharacter before really doing any of the animation logic.

As a result, the cast kept failing, and no animation was playing.

So When the “Cast to ThirdPersonCharacter” failed, I just attempted to cast as “AI1Bot_BP” and it succeeded, so the animation plays now :slight_smile:

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This was my exact problem and this solution worked. THANKS!