AI turning animation

I am working on a first person horror game. I made a 1D blendspace for AI movement but of course it doesn’t look realistic when it’s turning on it’s patrol or chase. I tried 2D blendspace with strafe animations but couldn’t get what I want. I have movement animset. Can anyone help me with this?


For realistic turning animation effect, you need additional “turn” animation. blendspaces can’t help here much.
Maybe it should be no root motion animation, depending on your needs. You can check how this is done as I remember in Infiltrator demo.

Yes but I don’t know how. I searched for it but all questions is about player character, not AI. if someone knows where to look for this, that’d really help.

Package has turn animations.

In simple words - it should be created in special software (animation). You can try to make animation in Unreal Editor, however this is hard, need some knowledge and time. In theory is possible to import animation from other sources, like a Mixamo/Fuse but from my experience, retargeting skeletons (and aniamaitons) from different skeleton is not real solution, because this is never perfect, character mesh is always deformed in close study and this is useless for production. Retargeting is good for same skeleton with small differences like a size only.

So, two solutions - best and fastest, need maybe some cash - find good animator to create animation or learn how to (months of work). Second, try to make own animation from poses in Unreal Engine editor, need skills and experience too and a lot time.

Here no simple solutions nor answers. You can get other answers about importing animations from other skeletons, it can works sometimes, but generally this is dead end.

I have this animset (Movement Animset Pro for UE4 - YouTube) and it can be done those animations. I just need to know how to handle turn animations with other movements.

Nice. You need anim state turning (rotating, changing orientation) in animation blueprint, I think this is correct way. Now I’m out, I can check it later when I will have project open.

I think meanwhile you should check author tutorials and maybe this video UE4 Tutorial #6 - Character (part 1) Strafes, Death - YouTube

There is a grate blog post that talks about that

Yes this is what I’m looking for. Thank you but images not big and I can’t see the nodes.

Can anyone help me?