AI / Trello

Hey yo.

From what I see on Trello right now… The whole AI module has halted further development and pushed to the backlog list.
So what gives?!? Why is that?

Yeah, It’s a pity…
I think it is because Mieszko as main AI programmer is probably working hard on Fortnite or Paragon.

Rendering section has a lot of new stuff, may be that is a reason?

I dunno, its probably quite indicative of where Epic want to put their effort. Mieszko is definitely working hard on games so the reality is there’s not a lot of Ai stuff going on right now. I suspect we’ve got to wait until those games ship and maybe additions done for them will get rolled back in.

Personally I wish Epic gave more importance to AI, but its just not their thing.

Hey everyone, I just thought I’d pop in and give some context here. Mieszko is still deciding on a couple of this and as of the update, there is still a lot in the air. Though everything is marked backlog right now, in actuality there are fixes and updates coming still, just the major feature priority is still being decided upon.

AI development will still be pretty light for right now as resources are dedicated to finishing game projects and then using what was built there to improve the engine.

Let me know if you have any questions.