AI: The Unknown (WIP Title)


My name is Djarni, not new to the forum but this is my new account, or rather my own account been using my brother account from a while. Anyway just wanted to share the project me and my brother working on. Note the title is still a work in progress.

Ok a little about myself:
I am 20.
I am an writer, beginner writer who is working on becoming a game designer and developer. In 2016 i will be taking on my bachelor degree in Game Programming and Design. For now i am working on self-training myself, and building a little portfolio of my own.

I write comic, game and have only attempted 1 movie (animation movie) plot, i am great at coming up with core story ideas, base storyline and story universe creation. Still working on my story telling skills. ok back on top!!

***AI:The Unknown ***
The game is a First Person Shooter pre-sequel to my original game idea called **AI **(Artificial Intelligence). This Pre-sequel tells the story of the major role playing event that leads to the tragic fall of humanity to the alien known as the AI. The story is base around the dark secrets of the well known space exploration vessel called the Eden Prime and the FSE (Federation of Space Exploration) rescue Mission.

Storyline (Teaser)
Humans left earth in 2025 after it’s terrifying meltdown in 2015 which killed around 45% of the world population in the course of one year, it was clear earth couldn’t sustain human life anymore so humans fled to the stars thanks to Eden Prime the first space Exploration vessel which found humanity a new home in 2025 a planet they called Oblivion (working on changing name). The Federation of Space Exploration (FSE) was formed to govern all space exploration, in 2036 Eden Prime set out to explore the unknown in hopes of finding yet again another great planet for human expansion. With a full team of scientist and a new bigger ship they set out into space onto a great journey, but this journey would change the faith of humanity forever.

Eden Prime found something extra-ordinary, a new planet, a lively yet dead planet, full functional, alive and beautiful, signs of previous inhabitants yet no signs of wildlife or any existing inhabitants, all that was found was an Alien Construct of some kind. Within the construct they found something, an artifact, but before **Eden Prime **could relay the full data of they findings the ship went dark, silent for 3 years before the FSE decide to respond to the situation.

A team of Elite Special Ops soldiers were sent to find out what happen to the Eden Prime, after 2 year of following the cold trail in deep space the Spec Ops team came across the silenced Eden Prime, the odd thing was when they found it, the ship which had over 10,000 people was just drifting in space. Questions were, “What happened on board the ship?”, “Where is the crew?” and “Why is the communication system not responding?”. The new mission was to board the ship and get to the bridge and retrieve the flight recorder, while hopefully finding the crew.

But little did they know…
She was waiting…
She was expecting them…
Would become Humanity’s never ending Nightmare!

Who is this she? I won’t spill the beans just yet. :slight_smile:

At moment don’t got much details for you besides:
First Person Shooter.

The Team
Well its just me and my brother (programmer), so my job is to just work on level designs and what not while he get some gameplay stuff ready for me.

Current Progress
Story and title is a work in progress, but very solid around the core of it. So i decided to get my hands into the pie and build prototype levels for the game.
As mention above i have no skill in 3d modeling programs, never worked on artistic stuff, i am just a writer.

I started working on this level since the release of 4.0 then had a major crash which corrupted all the files and tried so hard to get everything back… got discouraged for a few months then i found an old back up for version 4.1 (the version i lost was in 4.3) but this back had everything i had in 4.3 and more stuff i never copied over so i decided i was going to get back on the horse. (it was the c++ test back, my brother had the one we was testing gameplay in)

Here is the video i made from version 4.2 before i lost all my files.

Models was a purchase from unity store, an game i was to build in unity but decided to switch to unreal 4. Best choice ever, i get things done so fast in UE4
oh the elevator model was made by me using unreal engine geometry, then added the texture from the pack to the surface :slight_smile: i cheap but effective method. For those who know about the geometry conversion to mesh option that what i used so in level its a static mesh not geometry but i made it entirely in the engine and not an other side modeling application.

Well so what am i doing now? Updated:
-New level 1 layout is complete.
-Now to add final room. (security room)

  • Add doors, (look u can walk off the map so got to close up my hallways that lead nowhere.
  • Adding some small props to decorate.
  • Add particle effects. (never done this before kinda excited and still intimidated to touch this stuff)
  • Pass to big brother so he can code while i draw up lv 2 or map 2.

Recent Images: (will filter every week or like ever 8 days)

I think i am done with lighting and post process now to finish building and decorating the levels.

the door at end of hallways in pic 2 is temporary i mean its just a geometry with a texture on it :P, going to try to get someone to make me a door late on for now this works well for prototype stage.

Blog update:

Depending on how my work schedule goes this weekend i should be able to get my blog.

At the moment i could use all the feedback possible good or bad, doesn’t really matter both help alot. Please do keep in mind i am not an artist so do try to explain any points simple enough for me to understand.

Feel free to ask any questions about the story or gameplay elements prefer you not ask about gameplay still trying to work it out.

Thanks for read and looking forward to your comments.

Little update scaling correction done, working on my custom collisions and layout decided to skip texture i finish this. But new level look and feel coming very soon hopefully before end of tonight.


Hey Djarni, this is a good start. I did a bit of writing in a past life myself, so I totally back the idea of using gaming as a creative outlet for your writing and your artistic skills :slight_smile:

In terms of feedback, I second your decision to rescale the map, I did feel claustrophobic in your first video myself. I liked the lighting FX that pulses across the walls and onto the ceiling, suits the tone of your game.

BTW I haven’t played much of Mass Effect myself, but haven’t they already claimed the ‘Eden Prime’ name for a spaceport? :stuck_out_tongue:

Hmm… yep your right, i’ll make a note in the plot and change up the name. thanks for pointing it out. After some re-working here is a quick screen shot.

bump!! New pics :slight_smile: looking forward to feedbacks!!

I have the same Unity store assets you have. I had a hell of a time importing them. The height maps don’t work (so like the grating and stairs don’t work properly) and I had to crank up the emissive qualities because the original lighting didn’t come through on the importing. Did you have similar troubles?

AH yes in my first try of this level it was hell on earth… took me a few weeks and eventually i just didn’t use the height maps as for the emissive i used instanced texture and added a brightness node and adjust it to fit scene as i build i think the brightness is at 5 for most things and 10 for others, then i control the overall boom from the post process volume. can you show me the pictures of the error.