AI that moves when player is not looking at it

**Hello! I started working on a horror project where you get followed by an enemy thta moves only when he is out of your view like SCP 173.Here is how I made it:

The problem is that all the assets mess with the navmesh: (the statue on the right is the enemy)

**Is there a way to make the enemy not get stuck in corners or stop following me when I touch a corner?
Thank you alot in advance! Take care!

EDIT: I think the problem is caused by the room that is only 1 has the collision set to “use complex collision as simple”. Any idea how to make it work better?**

What does “mess with” mean?
Actors by default have the “affect navmesh” property turned on, so that things won’t walk through other things.
If you don’t want the navmesh to be affected by actors, un-check that property.

by mess I meant that the AI barely tries to walk around objects, just gets stuck in them

Just add “Nav Modifier Volume” where you need it.