AI System is not working

Hi! I have a big problem
I was making a game myself in Unreal Engine 4.27.2, I added an AI system to the game, it was moving to a random location, but when I saw the character, it had to be printed with Print…
(I created a Bool value on BlackBoard, if it sees the user, it will print True, otherwise it will print False (AI’s 90 degree viewing angle))
Please Help me D:

So what’s the issue, is it not printing at all or what’s going on with your AI movement ?

First, I just added movement to the random position, it was successful, then when she saw the character, she would write true false to the screen with the print command, but it didn’t work.
Soryy for my bad english

You probably have two different senses configured (most people use hearing and sight in their AIs, I think?). It could also be different sight events from previous hits being updated.

You probably will need to examine more values than just “Successfully Sensed” to determine if you want to take action on any specific sense update.