AI stops chasing me

Hello guys,

I created an AI(which is like a zombie) and while it chases me it stops. The problem is that delay in the blueprint but i don’t know how to fix it.

I would love to hear your thoughts and tips. Thank you

Are you using AI Simple Move To function in your Blueprint?

Do you have Nav Mesh Bounds Volume on your map?

I have posted a screenshot so you can see what i have used.
Yes i have added a Navmesh bounds volume and it’s working perfectly.
If I haven’t answer to your questions fully please let me know so that way I will be able to tell you more if you want more details.

I believe the zombie stops because it could be either the distance range or ‘AI Move To’ of ‘On Success’ and ‘On Fail’ are both link together with the ‘Delay’. It could be possible that is messing the event to chase the Player again. This could be also the same reason with the false ‘Moving’ Boolean on ‘AI Move To’ as well.

Possibly try to disconnect ‘On Success’ and let me know what happens.

I have already done the break link part(where i disconnect the links) but the AI keeps following me endlessly.

I want the AI to follow me for e.x 1 minute and rest for e.x 10 seconds .

The problem here is that it follows me as long as the delay value is and it also rests as long as the delay value is too. I want to follow me more and rest less. Not the same thing.

Btw thank you for helping :slight_smile: