AI stops calculating around obstacles on dynamic Nav Mesh when he moves too far away from me

I have a dynamic nav mesh that covers a large test level that I made. I have some target points on the map that the AI will randomly choose a point and use the “AIMoveTo” blueprint command to go to. I also made the ability to spawn blocks in front of the AI to block its path so it’s forced to recalculate the path, which works fine since the dynamic mesh updates and the AI finds a new path. But, the problem is when the AI gets too far away from me, me being a pawn that inherits from default pawn, the mesh won’t update around the AI. It seems the dynamic mesh is only updating in a radius around me the player/default pawn. Is there any way to get the AI to cause the dynamic mesh to update as well? Navigation invokers aren’t necessarily what I’m looking for since I want the AI to use the Nav Mesh Bounds Volume to be able to see all the target points all over the map.