Ai spot light throught the wall

Hello i have problem with AI,…iam trying to make him move to destination, when he see my flashlight, … its working, but he can see my flashlight throught the wall,…how i can fix it? I got CONEMESH from my PlayerCharacter and AI got linetrace, so when he collide with CONEMESH, he will investigate the area

From this setup, I can see that your ai moves to the player once it overlaps, am I right? Also, I can see that your trace channel is set to camera, try set it to visibility instead.

sorry for late answer : yeah it can overlap, but i dont understand how to change line channel from Camera to Visibility? then how it will cast the line?

It’s tough for me to guide you through this step by step since I need to guess how your system works. I can’t picture how you set this up with all the blueprint communications setup. But, I can give you some advice.

Keep in mind that such a system requires a lot of trial and error as well as debugging. I would recommend you utilize the “print string”, “debug line/shape traces”, “log” and tweak the values.

You can find/set the trace channels inside your “line trace” blueprint node. Simply change the “trace channel” parameter.